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This Site Has Abandonment Issues

Okay, seriously this site is not active. Please follow my active blogs at my main site for Ashland Oregon Real Estate Information.





New Company

Excited to announce that I have started my own real estate company. TEN Realty Group, powered by eXp Realty. Now I am working on going through the vast internet and finding all areas that have me at Coldwell Banker, and getting them switched over. 10 years worth of internet branding is hard to locate, but I am doing my best.

If you happen to see my profile or picture of me holding the Coldwell Banker sign, please let me know.


Opportunity to Enroll in Ashland Schools

Ashland School District sent out a letter that said the following….This letter was out beginning of March, 2012.

Dear Parent,

Do you work in Ashland, but your kids attend school in another District?

Do you want your children to attend an Ashland School?

Open Enrollment is now here!

Under the new “Open Enrollment” law, Ashland School Board has approved policy to allow a limited number of additional students from outside the district to attend Ashland schools beginning the 2012-2013 school year.

Non-resident families may apply for transfers to available spaces by grade level.

Spaces for the upcoming school year will be announced March 1, 2012 and will be posted on the District web page. Spaces are limited.

Current inter-district transfer students in good-standing will be grandfathered under the open enrollment policy and will receive a letter notifying them of how to accept the opportunity.

One application for the entire family. Open to non-residents of Ashland Only

Applications must be complete by April 1, 2012
Apply Online Now at

Click on the Open Enrollment link on the left side bar

Kimchi stinks

Well, by “Kimchi Stinks”, mean it smells pretty bad.
Not actually true when eating it. Opening a jar, taking out a small bowlful, topping it will a couple of over medium eggs, and a strip of bacon.
Then, it tastes and smells alright.

However, when making it for yourself, leaving it to ferment in a crock in your house for 4 days. Yeah, then it pretty much stinks up the whole house. So below is a picture of my first batch of kimchi for the house. I was hoping to have more jars to give away, but it really didn’t make as much as I thought.
My first gift jar went to our friend Steve who is working with Sophia. He brought me beer that he made, so I was returning the favor.

But now I need to make batch #2. Do a couple of things different to make it better. But I need a place to ferment it that doesn’t permeate the entire house.
I’m thinking maybe making a dog house that has a small heat lamp in it.
Maybe a box could be constructed with a thermostat on it and shelves.
It could be used both as a place to ferment…or turn it up higher and use it as a food drier for fruits and nuts…

Anyway…if anyone has any ideas, I’m open to suggestions.
Could earn you a jar of your very own Bogle made Kimchi.

I guess I just went off on another non-real estate tangent. However, free kimchi to whomever refers me to a friend, family member, themselves.
Just enter the coupon code “kimchi sells” in the referral box.
Works for real estate in Ashland, or Medford real estate


Cooking for the Holidays

This is mostly a copy of an email received about a holiday dinner that was being organized. I have changed the names…and added some small pieces just to make it funnier to me. Most of this is real, and I just think it is funny.

We might have to modify some stuff for people because of food allergies but everyone seems flexible and adaptable. So bring what you like and we’ll all enjoy!

Jerry is on a limited salt and no sugar diet…
Lucy doesn’t eat bacon or red meat so we just slap a chicken breast on the grill and she eats the other stuff.
Tom doesn’t eat cow dairy but will bring his own coconut sour cream and goat cheese to doctor his food up.
Terry is allergic to gluten but he’ll bring special gluten free stuff (like pasta and bread) for himself and he has dairy intolerances too.
Diane is allergic to avocados, peanuts and shellfish.
Teresa is a vegetarian, but eats fish.
David and Sam will not eat anything that are on the GMO list and prefer everything to be 100% organic.
And I’m on the Atkins diet, so I am not eating carbs. ¬†

So we look forward to seeing everyone for the potluck..I’m sure it will be a great meal.

Now I love to cook. I cannot seem to cook for less than 15 people, so I love going to parties where I can bring food.

I put a lot of  love into my cooking, and get enjoyment out of it. However, I have a feeling that if I were to cook for this group of people..I would be the only one eating the meal.


Short Sales in Southern Oregon

Short Sales:The brief definition of a “short sale” is when the owner of a house owes more to the bank(s) than the house can be sold for, and therefor a sale requires the bank to release the lien for less than full value.My House is Worth Less Than I own on it. What can I do?The comforting thing to know if you are a homeowner that owes more on your loan then your house is currently worth is that you are not alone. An estimated 22% of homeowners across the country are underwater. If you can make your payment and want to stay in the house you live in, then it really is something that you might just not think about.But what do you do if you can’t make the payment…or if you need to move for some reason (job change, divorce, etc…?)Well, maybe a short sale is right for you.

I have been working with people both buying and selling short sales for a number of years now. And what I can tell you is the process is much easier to get through now than it was 3-4 years ago.

If you, or someone you know could benefit from getting out from under an underwater mortgage…let me know and I will see what I can do to help.


Your contact with me will be kept strictly confidential. The professional consultation is free.

No matter how fun or depressing you may find your real estate situation at this time, it is my goal to not only provide the best advice possible, but to also make you laugh in the process.
Because a key to happiness is to be able to laugh in the bad times as well as the good times.

www.AgentInAKilt.com is the home for information on the Ashland Real Estate Market.


What everyone seems afraid to ask or….

What everyone’s afraid to ask….OR….. The “How’s the Market” Blog

Another year has passed in the great recession that we all are going through. It has been a tough time financially for many of us.
Being a real estate professional, I still get asked how the real estate market is, although admittedly not as often as it used to be. I believe many people don’t want to hear the answer.
So I will do my best without rambling to let you know what I feel is the state of the local real estate market.

This Is The New Normal

I don’t believe we are going to be seeing any big shifts in the real estate market in the coming year(s). What you see out there right now is pretty much how I think things will stay.
My statistics show that:
  • Roughly the same number of houses sold last year as the prior year.
  • Number of houses on the market for sale (inventory) is down 24% from last year.
  • Median prices are staying somewhat level…slightly up in some areas, and slightly down in others
  • Average days on market for listings is stable at about 90 days
  • Distress sales (Foreclosures and Short Sales) make up close to 50% of the solds…and 25% of the active listings
What this boils down to is there are a lot of great deals out there…especially in the distressed sale market. This can be good for those who are looking to buy.
However, those looking to sell are going to continue needing to compete with the distressed properties.
For more information on the Ashland Real Estate Market, visit my website. www.AgentInAKilt.com
Search for houses currently for sale at www.RealEstate-SouthernOregon.com